Should I get integrated navigation in my car if I have a smartphone?

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Integrated Navigation vs Smartphone Navigation: Which is Better?

When just about everyone has a GPS with up-to-date maps in their pockets, it can seem kind of silly to buy an integrated nav system. But is it? Is there something about integrated navigation that makes it worth the money?

Should I get integrated navigation in my car if I have a smartphone?

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Integrated Navigation Pros

First and foremost, the integrated navigation system is much more accurate than a smartphone. An integrated GPS relies only on a strong GPS signal; there’s no data usage whatsoever. Integrated navigation doesn’t “lose service” like a phone can. And since the signal is stronger and not reliant on 4G data speeds, it is more precise, meaning you won’t miss a turn because your smartphone’s navigation thinks you’re a quarter mile behind your current location. Integrated navigation can’t be lost like a phone and is harder to steal than one, too. Integrated navigation is also covered under your vehicles warranty. The boost to the resale value of a car with integrated navigation is also pretty nice.

Integrated Navigation Cons

That boost in resale value is a double-edged sword. Integrated navigation can be expensive. Not only that, but since integrated navigation doesn’t use data, updating the maps on your vehicle’s GPS requires a physical device, usually a memory card, to keep up-to-date. As you can imagine, these aren’t free.

Should I Get Integrated Navigation?

It depends. If you travel a lot, then integrated navigation is an excellent idea. You usually only have to purchase updated map memory cards every few years, and it only costs around 1-2 months of phone bills. If you really only travel locally, occasionally requiring navigation, then a vehicle with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility will be more than adequate enough for your needs.

Want to Try Out Integrated Navigation for Yourself?

Ask our team and see if your favorite Toyota vehicle has an integrated navigation model. If you already know which model you want to try out, then schedule a test drive to find out if it’s the right vehicle for you.

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