What does the VSC light on my Toyota mean?

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How to Fix the VSC Light in Your Toyota

Your heart always tends to skip a beat when you notice a new light is on in your instrument panel. Then you usually ask yourself a bunch of questions that you don’t have answers to: Was this light on before and I just didn’t notice? Can I keep driving? How do I fix this? Will it be expensive? One light that comes on quite a bit for many Toyota owners is the VSC OFF light.

Well, here’s what the VSC light on your Toyota means and how to fix it.

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What does VSC mean?

VSC is short for ‘Vehicle Stability Control,’ which is the stability control system that Toyota uses in their vehicles. Stability control helps your vehicle maintain traction and control by reducing—or completely cutting—power sent to your wheels. It does this by automatically applying brake pressure on up to three wheels. The purpose of the system is to keep your vehicle headed where your wheels are pointed. It’s an essential safety feature that been mandated by law—at least in the USA—since 2012. Naturally, VSC OFF means that the stability control on your Toyota is off.

VSC Light Easy Fix

There will be a button either by your shifter or your steering wheel (depending on the model year of the Toyota) that has the same icon as the light in your gauges. Once you’ve located it:

  1. Make sure you are completely stopped. Put the car in park if you can.
  2. Press and hold the VSC button for a few seconds.
  3. The TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indicator light will come on. Both systems are now off.
  4. Press the VSC button again. Both lights will turn off and the systems are now reengaged.

If the VSC OFF light is still on, it may be a bug with your vehicle’s computer or a malfunction with your vehicle’s VSC system. Take your vehicle into your local Toyota service center to have a certified technician run the codes and pinpoint the issue. It is safe to drive your Toyota while the VSC OFF light is on, however, we recommend cautious driving, especially in poor weather.

In Need of Repair?

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