What are Toyota SofTex Seats?

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Toyota SofTex vs Leather vs Cloth Seats

The interior can say a lot about a vehicle and certain materials and colors can really add that extra sporty, modern or luxury look that you are wanting. Choosing a vehicle is half of the fun because once you choose your perfect vehicle then you have to decide on exterior color, trim, interior options and more. Toyota has a couple of interior upholstery options that can fit into any lifestyle. While many of us know the basic qualities and differences between leather and cloth, many may not know what Toyota’s SofTex material offers. Find out the differences between Toyota’s SofTex, leather and cloth seating and choose for yourself what material is the best option for you.  

Toyota SofTex Interior

Toyota’s SofTex interior is a synthetic leather seat material that is designed for wear, easy cleaning and resisting spills. SofTex weighs about half as much as genuine leather and is soft to the touch. SofTex leather generates about 85% fewer CO2 emissions and 99% fewer Volatile Organic Compounds than conventional synthetic leather. SofTex material also does not include any animal-based material. A benefit of SofTex seats that customers love is that SofTex material reflects sunlight which means they do not get warm like traditional leather seats do.

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Cloth Seating

Toyota Leather Interior

Aside from giving off a luxury, classic look on the interior of your vehicle, leather seats have many benefits to customers. Leather seats are easy to clean and stains such as spilled drinks or any other liquid do not soak into the leather material as they do with cloth seats. Leather seats also help to minimize the level of allergens within a vehicle and provide extra comfort to passengers due to the supportive and thick material. Some downsides of leather seats include heating up in the summer months and being cold in winter months but with the addition of heated and cooled seats, this can quickly solve the problem. Leather seats do have to be properly maintained as well as they can fade and look worn over time.

Toyota Cloth Interior

Cloth upholstery is often a popular choice because of its affordability as it is the option with the lowest cost. Cloth seats are also comfortable and due to the material, there is no sticking, sliding around or burning associated with cloth seats. Cloth materials also don’t have to be maintained but cloth is easier to stain and absorbs odor, while leather doesn’t stain or absorb odor.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive 

Choosing an interior fabric comes down to your preference though your lifestyle should be taken into account. While leather seats may cost a little more the added features of the leather material may be worthwhile to you and your lifestyle. Contact us at Arlington Toyota to talk with a team member about interior options and come visit us and try out the various interior options for yourself.

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