How to reset Toyota Camry maintenance light?

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Resetting the Maintenance Required Light in your Toyota Camry

Dashboard lights coming on is always a little spooky. Even if you take good care of your car, sometimes things just happen. However, not all dash lights mean something is terribly wrong; some are just reminders. The maintenance required light is one of them. But that doesn’t mean you want it on all the time.

Here’s how to reset a Toyota Camry maintenance light.

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Resetting Toyota Camry Maintenance Light

  • Make sure odometer (ODO) is displaying total mileage (usually the ‘A’ display).
  • Turn off vehicle, if on.
  • While vehicle is off, press and hold ODO reset / readout button
  • Continuing to hold down ODO button, turn the key in ignition. until dash lights come on. Do not start the vehicle.
  • ODO display will blink a few times then start show all zeros.
  • After ODO has begun to display zeros, release ODO button and turn the key back to ‘off’ position.
  • ‘MAINT REQD’ light will now be off.

What ‘MAINT REQD’ Means

The ‘MAINT REQD’ light comes on every 5000 miles from the last time it was reset. It in no way indicates any system malfunction; it is simply a mileage counter intended to remind the user that an oil change is necessary. If you’ve always had your Toyota serviced by a technician, he or she resets it after every oil change. It should be noted that 5000 miles is not necessarily the mileage at which you should change your oil. Consult the owner’s manual and your regular mechanic to determine how often the oil in your Camry should be changed.

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