How to open a gas cap on a Toyota Camry?

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Locating the Fuel Door Release in your Camry

We’ve all had it. The new car giddiness. The kind where everything is brilliant, but we still don’t know what all the buttons do or where certain controls are. That’s part of the magic of a new vehicle. However, pulling up to the pump just to realize you don’t know how to open you gas tank can be as embarrassing as it is frustrating.

No worries, we’re here to help. Let us show you…

How to open a gas cap on a Toyota Camry.

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Locating the Gas Cap Release in a Camry

Where the gas release is depends on the year of Camry, though Toyota is pretty consistent with where it keeps the release mechanism. If your gas reservoir door doesn’t open manually, then chances are that the release mechanism is located on the left-hand side floor just in front of the driver’s seat. On newer models, it should be right below the “Open Trunk” lever.

If there is no release lever in that spot, take a look at the left most part of the dash. Somewhere on there, likely below steering wheel level, will be your release. If you can’t locate it at all, we recommend calling whoever services your vehicle regularly. They will know where to find the release.

What if the Fuel Door Doesn’t Open?

Take a credit card and slide it in opposite of the hinges. Have someone pull the release while you apply force with the card. If this doesn’t work, call a mechanic. Besides a worn-out spring or dirty hinge, other problems require a certified technician to fix. Whatever you do, do not try to pry the cap open with heavy duty tools, like a crowbar. Doing so could damage the body, the paint, and the mechanism itself.

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