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Warning Lights Diagnosis | Palatine, IL

When your warning lights come on, it can be incredibly stressful. Some warning lights are common and only indicate minor issues. Others mean that there is a serious problem with your vehicle. Even the explanations provided in the owner’s manual for your vehicle may not be enough explanation. It most certainly won’t tell you how to fix it. The internet can be dodgy when it comes to fixes, sometimes advocating for the removal of specific systems, like airbags, just to get rid of a pesky warning light.

We have a better solution.

Here at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL, we have the equipment, expertise, and replacement parts to quickly identify and affordably fix your vehicle, be it Toyota or any other make.

What Do They Mean?

There are many warning lights. This complexity is compounded by the fact that warning lights are non-standardized. That means that every make may have different symbols for the same issues, or similar lights for completely different issues. To make things even more complicated, warning lights can vary on the same model from different years. For example, the warning lights on 1996 Camry may not be the same as those on a 2004 Camry, which may not be the same as those on a 2015 Camry. The easiest way to tell what’s up with your vehicle is to take it in to have it serviced by a certified technician.

Why Arlington Toyota?

Arlington Toyota not only employs manufacturer-certified technicians, but also has all the equipment necessary to fix your vehicle. Where other mechanics may use over-the-counter code-readers to diagnose your vehicle, using guess work and inexact diagnostic reports to attempt to fix your issue, Arlington Toyota uses manufacturer specific readers. This means exact, reliable data and diagnostics the first time around, cutting down on costs and headaches.

If your vehicle has a warning light issue, be it a new or persistent one, consider scheduling a service appointment at Arlington Toyota. Prevention is usually cheaper than repair. So, come in sooner rather than later.

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