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Toyota Upholstery Repair & Replacement Palatine IL

When people think about automotive services and repairs, they’re generally thinking about things like the mechanical components that make your car move or the exterior body panels that might get damaged in the unfortunate event of a collision. However, your cabin has plenty of parts that might need to get repaired or even replaced as well, though we hope you never have to deal with it.

If you already do have to deal with it, and are looking to take care of it, then it might be time for some upholstery service. If that’s the case, we can take care of all your Toyota upholstery needs right here at the Arlington Toyota service center in Palatine IL.

What is upholstery?

Upholstery includes things like your carpets, your seats, your headliners, some convertible tops and sometimes even your dashboard or door panels. If you’ve begun to notice a lot of damage or uncleanable dirt and grime and you’re tired of looking at it, consider getting your upholstery repaired or replaced.

What gets done?

As long as the damage to your upholstery isn’t too severe, we should be able to simply repair the damage – typically including things like burns, rips, tears and more. This includes in fabrics such as vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric and carpet. If things are a bit more severe, we may need to replace the whole upholstery.

Schedule Service at Arlington Toyota

If you think it’s time to get some aspect of your upholstery serviced, then we can take care of you here at Arlington Toyota. Whether you’re looking for some simple repairs or a full replacement, just give us a call here at the service desk to schedule a service appointment. Or, more conveniently, you can simply fill out the form right here on this page.

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