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When your engine pushes power through your power train, your transmission takes that power and distributes it to your wheels to move your vehicle. When transmissions go bad, it's immediately apparent. You're either not moving, or not moving well. You may hear grinding, or screeching coming from under your hood. Your car may violently jerk into gear. If you have a manual transmission, you may not be able to up-shift or down-shift at all. The transmission in your Toyota is made up of many parts that move, and connect to one another. For this reason, a malfunctioning transmission could have any number of reasons. Whatever is going on with your vehicle, it is important to diagnose the issue as soon as possible as transmission problems only get worse with time. A bottomed-out transmission could mean getting stuck somewhere far away from a Toyota certified service center.
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We've built Arlington Toyota on the foundation that offering specialized and thorough service with honesty and integrity is the best way to ensure our customers return for future Toyota vehicle service needs. We know that transmission problems, and automobile questions in general, are stressful, and may leave you feeling anxious and uncertain. That's why we work to make sure your entire experience is as easy and transparent as possible. Once your Toyota vehicle has been repaired, we place it through a rigorous quality check inspection to make sure it, and you, are ready to get back on the roads of Palatine, Chicago and beyond!

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At Arlington Toyota, we're local, trained Toyota experts. As a family-owned, Toyota-certified service center, we have access to Toyota OEM parts and specialized service education. As members of the Palatine and greater Chicagoland communities, we know that when a member of our community is counting on us to get their vehicle back on the road, the whole community is counting on us. Our service center provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a highly-skilled team of Toyota-certified service representatives.
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