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Muffler & Exhaust Service & Repair Palatine IL

All vehicles require maintenance at some point, whether it be routine services like oil changes every 3,000 miles, tire rotations every 6,000 miles, flushing the radiator every 30,000 miles, or fixing problems that occur because of regular wear and tear. One issue that many vehicles encounter at some point during their lifespan is a problem with the muffler or exhaust. The exhaust is a series of pipes that takes gasses from the engine and releases them at the back of the car, while the muffler helps reduce the noise from the exhaust process.

You can normally tell when your muffler or exhaust needs maintenance because it emits a loud sound or rattling noise that is hard to miss. If you want to make sure there is an issue, take a look at the muffler and check for holes or rust as well as water leaking from more than one spot on the muffler. Another symptom of a bad exhaust is when the steering wheel vibrates. If you notice any of these occurrences on your Toyota, it’s time to take it in to the Arlington Toyota Service Center for muffler and exhaust service and repair in Palatine, IL.

Why should I fix my exhaust or muffler?

Benefits of a working muffler and exhaust make it worth fixing. For starters, fuel economy decreases if there is a problem with your car’s muffler, but it can result in the engine overheating, which is very dangerous. Additionally, a bad exhaust leads to a gas smell seeping into the cabin of your car and a burning smell coming from the engine. Fixing your exhaust and/or muffler can help get your fuel economy back on track and keep the car as quiet as it should be.

Schedule Service at Arlington Toyota

If you think your Toyota might need muffler or exhaust repairs and service, you should schedule an appointment with our expert repair mechanics, which can easily be done on our website or by calling our service desk. We’ll fix up your exhaust and muffler and get your car back to normal in no time.  

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