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One of the oft-overlooked services that is not only important to keeping your car in good shape for the long term but is also exciting to get done, as it feels like you’re getting a brand-new car once it’s returned to your possession, is automotive detailing. If you’re looking to get your Toyota vehicle detailed right here in Palatine IL or the surrounding area, then look no further than right here at Arlington Toyota.

Automotive detailing is taking a car wash to extreme measures. It’s not just a wash, wax, vacuum and shampoo, we focus on ever single – wait for it – detail! We will thoroughly clean your vehicle from top to bottom, bumper to bumper, in every nook and cranny of both the exterior and interior. While detailing doesn’t include paintwork or full-blown repairs, we’ll even take care of any minor cosmetic fixes that need to be addressed along the process.

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When should I get my car detailed?

There’s never really a bad time to get your car detailed. However, the most important time to get your car detailed is before selling it. A good detail can restore your vehicle to its original beauty, as long as there isn’t any serious damage to the exterior or interior, thus increasing the resale value just before you make your asking price. But you should also get your car detailed whenever it gets a little too dirty for your liking, before driving around some important guests, or before kicking off your job with companies like Uber or Lyft.

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If you think it’s time to get your Toyota vehicle detailed, then you can schedule an appointment right here at Arlington Toyota and we’ll get your vehicle back to tip top shape at your earliest convenience.
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