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While there are plenty of things that can start to wear out and get old on you in your vehicle, perhaps one of the most annoying is your Toyota model’s audio system. We’re proud of the audio systems found in our vehicles, especially in top-of-the-line trim levels that come with premium systems from companies like JBL. But no sound system is perfect, and if poor sound has you down, increase the quality by bringing it in for service & repair right here in the Palatine IL area. We’d be happy to figure out what’s wrong and replace or repair anything that we can. Nine times out of ten, you’ve probably blown a speaker, but we’ll make sure we properly diagnose the issue and get you back to concert quality tunes in no time.
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How can I tell if I need speaker replacement?

You’ll probably know pretty quickly if you’ve got a blown speaker, simply from the sound. It will come out distorted and crackly as it tries to produce sound through broken equipment. There’s also a chance that you might smell something burning. Don’t worry, your speaker isn’t going to catch on fire, but a common cause of a blown speaker is overheating, which can cause a burnt smell. In either case, bring your car in and we’ll make sure to replace or, if we can, repair any blown or damaged speakers you’ve got.

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If you’re ready to get your audio system repaired or replaced, then be sure to schedule a service appointment. You can do so right here on our website or by giving us a call at the service desk. You can, of course, also simply stop by the shop and schedule that way if you wish. We look forward to working with you and getting your sound quality back to an appropriate place.
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