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Suspension System Service & Repair Palatine IL

If you own a vehicle, you know to get your oil changed on a regular schedule, you know when to replace your tires or check their air pressure, you probably even know what to listen for in case your brakes are getting worn out. One aspect of your vehicle that you’ve undoubtedly heard of but might not exactly understand is the suspension system.

Comprised of parts like your alignment, ball joints, struts and shock absorbers, your suspension system is directly responsible for aspects like control, steering and how much grip you have on the road. If you think you’re in need of service & repair in Palatine IL, look no further than Arlington Toyota.

Most Common Issues

There are several potential things that could be wrong with your suspension system, but the most common things include uneven tire pressure, poor alignment, bad tie rods, a sticking brake caliper, faulty shocks, worn-out struts and more. All of these things may start out as mild inconveniences, but if left unchecked they can become dangerous.

What to Look Out For

You might be having a suspension system issue if you notice your car pulling a little too hard to one direction or the other. If your vehicle seems bumpier or otherwise rougher than normal, that’s like a suspension issue as well. Finally, if you hear any strange noises when you go over bumps, that’s very likely suspension related.

Schedule Service at Arlington Toyota

If you feel like an issue that you’re having might be suspension related, you’re going to want to get it taken care of right away. As we mentioned, these issues start out small but can be exacerbated if not taken care of. Our technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and take care of any suspension system issues you might have, so don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment right here at Arlington Toyota today!

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