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Sensor Repair | Palatine, IL

Sensor failure happens pretty often. Sensors can be small and finicky. Even when they’re taken proper care of, they can still break or malfunction. It’s incredibly frustrating, to be sure. Some sensors are integral to certain systems in your vehicle, like safety systems or driver assistive functions. Having your blind-spot warning constantly go off or your adaptive cruise control fail its as annoying as it is unsafe.

Getting your sensors repaired is a priority. Here at Arlington Toyota, we can diagnose, fix, and/or replace whatever sensors need it. Many sensors are under warranty, so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle by our service center. In the case that they aren’t or that your vehicle is no longer under warranty, we can do maintenance and repairs cheaply, with minimal cost and hassle for you.

How to Care for Sensors?

While some sensors are internal and can’t be directly maintained, many are readily accessible. The easiest way to care for these sensors is to clean them regularly. For instance, a few cameras and other sensors are typically placed near the roof by the windshield. Properly cleaning the lenses and windshield will help them operate correctly for as long as possible. Similarly, sensors outside of the vehicle should be checked and cleaned regularly. When conditions are poor (like when roads are heavily salted in the winter), the sensors should be checked and cleaned after each use. Sediment and particulate build-up will not only decrease the effectiveness of the sensors but may actively cause them to malfunction or break.

Where to Get Them Fixed?

Here at Arlington Toyota, our team of manufacturer-certified technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to diagnose and fix our vehicle’s problem, sensors included. If anything needs to be replaced, we can order genuine OEM parts to replace the busted ones.

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