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Rust Repair in Palatine, IL

As Illinois is a state that gets a lot of snow, rust is rampant among vehicles of all makes and ages. Even the most meticulous owner won’t always be able to stop moisture and salt from corroding something, especially if they own their vehicle for a long time. Fixing it yourself requires usage of half-measures or a lot of technical aptitude. Not to mention tools. Lots and lots of tools.

Or, you could bring your vehicle into us at the Toyota of Arlington Collision Center and Body Shop. We can take care of any rust on your car the proper way.

How We Fix It

What we do depends on the severity of the rust. For instance, a chip that has developed into surface rust can be sanded down and repainted with our color-matching paint services, although there are many more steps to it than just that. More severe cases, like where rust has eaten a small cavity in a given spot, may require cutting out large chunks and then installing mesh and applying a body filler or welding on sheet metal. In extreme cases, whole body pieces may need to be replaced.


How to Prevent It

Know that rust cannot be entirely prevented in our climate if you drive your vehicle regularly. However, it can be slowed significantly with consistent washing and waxing (particularly in winter months). Simple things like mud flaps can help keep the elements from getting at your rocker panels or from loose rocks chipping your paint. The big thing is to repair rust as soon as you find it. It’s much easier and cheaper to fix little spots of rust than large areas of it.

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Luckily, you can leave all the hard work to us. Here at Toyota of Arlington, we’ll get your vehicle looking like it just came off the lot, no matter the damage. We do paint matching, body work, and much, much more.

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