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Were you aware that, on top of our service department, we also have a body shop/collision center? So, not only can we take care of your regular maintenance and small services that come up as your vehicle progresses in age, but we can take care of those unfortunate things that arise due to circumstances out of your hands. For instance, if someone opens their door a little too quickly and it dings into your door, or if someone isn’t watching their cart in the grocery store parking lot and it rolls into your bumper, we can take care of removing those dents while keeping the original paint intact. The process is known as paintless dent repair, and we’re happy to offer it to everyone here in Palatine IL and the surrounding area!
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How does Paintless Dent Repair work?

For starters, we’ll give the damage to your vehicle an in-depth inspection to make sure that paintless dent repair is the appropriate process for your vehicle. If we can move forward with the process, then our technicians will actually access the back of the dent and utilize a set of specialized tools that were designed with the removal of dents like these in mind. Thanks to many automotive manufacturers utilizing flexible paint for their vehicles, this process works great for minor dents like those we mentioned previously or for things like hail damage.

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Much like an ordinary service appointment, you can schedule service at our certified collision center right here on our website or by giving us a call at the service desk. When you reach us, whether it be on the phone or via the scheduler here in the site, simply let us know exactly what’s going on with your vehicle and when you arrive we’ll get down to the inspection. If we don’t think paintless dent repair is the right service for your car’s needs, we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you need.
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