Toyota Corolla Hatchbacks on the freeway

New Toyota Corolla Hatchback Lease & Finance Offers Palatine IL

It’s hard to imagine something that has been around for over seven decades constantly being able to reinvent itself and present something fresh and new year after year, but that’s the very definition of the Toyota Corolla. First introduced in 1966, it has been through numerous iterations and configurations and will enter its twelfth generation as a sedan in the 2020 model year. But that new generation got kicked off a little early when Toyota introduced the return of the Corolla Hatchback for the 2019 model year. This incredible new hatchback sedan gives shoppers a sneak peek at what the 2020 Corolla will offer and gives those shoppers who are fans of the Corolla but need more space the perfect option. If this describes you, then check out some of our lease & finance offers below for the Palatine IL area.
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Buy or Lease a New Toyota Corolla Hatchback near Palatine IL

The Corolla Hatchback picks up where the Corolla iM left off, as Toyota decided to get rid of the carried-over Scion naming convention. It introduces a sleek, sophisticated design improving upon previous versions of the Corolla with the added bonus of a hatchback cargo area. That means you get all of the perks of a regular Toyota Corolla – style, efficiency, great content, et cetera – while also getting to enjoy an increased amount of cargo space.

If you like the compact size of the Toyota Corolla but are in need of more cargo capacity than it offers, the Corolla Hatchback is likely the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. If you think you might be interested, just check out the lease & finance specials that we’re offering up above and give us a call to schedule a test drive. We’ll get you behind the wheel at your earliest convenience!