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While the one service almost everyone remembers to take care of is an oil change, the rest of your automotive fluids can sometimes be neglected. Sometimes our instinct can be to simply save off the mechanic when he starts suggesting things to do in addition to your oil change, but if we do that too often there’s a good chance we’ll go without getting our fluids serviced & replaced for too long, which can lead to issues.

The other fluids in your engine bay that need to get checked, in addition to your oil of course, include radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant, and yes even washer fluid. These are all important to make sure your vehicle continues to run the way it should.

When should you top off your fluids?

Most of these fluids can get by with a simple top off for quite some time. Make sure anytime you’re getting service done or anytime you’re working under the hood yourself that you’re checking the fluid levels and topping them off if need be. Windshield washer fluid especially can be topped off without ever needing to be replaced.
Toyota Technician Checking Engine Bay

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If you feel the need to get your fluids replaced you can schedule a service appointment for that specifically, or you can feel free to schedule a service appointment for something else and simply ask that they also look into the fluids – either getting them flushed and replaced or simply topping them off. Either way, you can schedule that service right here on the Arlington Toyota website and we’ll take care of your vehicle at your earliest convenience. We look forward to making sure your vehicle’s fluids are up to snuff and that everything is in tip-top shape!
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