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In addition to the usual research we provide here on our comprehensive website, meaning the model research and comparison pages that you can find throughout the site, we’ve been adding to helpful pages detailing the services that we offer for some time as well. More recently, we’ve been highlighting the different repairs available through our collision center, and now we’d like to highlight one of the most basic yet crucial repairs imaginable: automotive bumper repair in Palatine IL. While our service department offers things like oil changes and tire rotations, the collision center takes care of things that are the result of just that – collisions. Things like broken windshields, dented body panels and the like are some of the most common repairs that we fix, but chief among them is a broken bumper.
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Repairing a Damaged Bumper

Whether talking about the front or rear bumper, the same can be said for both. In a majority of automotive collisions, it (or they) is the first thing to impacted in the collision and thus the first thing to absorb the damage of the accident. Therefore, it the most common and basic of collisions, it is generally the most damaged part of the car. For that reason, our technicians are well versed and trained in how to repair bumpers, and you can rest assured that they’ll be able to restore it to like-new fashion with just a bit of time and work. However, in some instances, the front or rear bumper can be damaged beyond repair, and thus a replacement will be necessary.

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Once you know you’re ready to get your front or rear bumper repaired, or both for that matter, then all that’s left to do is schedule a service appointment with the Arlington Toyota Collision Center. We’d be happy to give you a quote before getting started, just get in touch with us over the phone or by scheduling right here on our website.
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