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Our vehicles are an extension of ourselves, just like the clothes that we wear. They serve a very practical purpose as well, helping us travel from one place to another, but there’s a reason not all vehicles look and act the same. We want our vehicles to express ourselves just as much as the silly t-shirt or fancy dress pants we wear. That’s why seeing chips and scratches in the exterior paint of your vehicle can be so upsetting. Maybe you think the scratches tell an extra part of your story, but for the rest of us we want to get some auto paint repair in Palatine IL as soon as we can. In addition to ruining the image we want our vehicle to convey, chips and scratches in your paint can eventually become rust and ultimately lead to much larger problems, so you should really get auto paint repair done as soon as you possibly can. But don’t worry, the Arlington Toyota Collision Center can take care of your auto paint repair right here in Palatine.
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How do you repair auto paint?

The first step in working with paint on an automobile is making sure that you have a surface completely devoid of dirt, grease or anything else that might prevent the finish from becoming flawless. Then our technicians will prepare the surface area and kick things off with a primer. Once primed, the surface is smoothed out via a sander and ultimately begin applying the paint.

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If you’ve got annoying scratches or paint chips on the exterior of your vehicle and would like to get them taken care of right away, don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment right here at Arlington Toyota. Just give the service desk a call or fill out service scheduler right here on the website. We look forward to meeting all of your automotive needs.
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