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Alternator Replacement | Palatine, IL

You may be heading into work one day and your car won’t start. Perhaps your vehicle does start but it is having trouble doing so. Immediately, you may think that this is a battery issue. Unfortunately, while your battery may be the cause, it’s also likely that the alternator in your vehicle is about to fail. If you are suspecting a bad alternator, don’t worry. If you are in or near Palatine, IL, have our team at Arlington Toyota take a look to see if you need an alternator replacement.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

The purpose of the alternator is to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is running. Eventually, like most other parts in your vehicle, the alternator will start to fail. This can lead to many inconveniences later if the issue isn’t taken care of right away. Thankfully, a dying alternator is likely to start showing symptoms of failure before it fails completely. Here are some signs of a bad alternator to watch for.

  • Dim/Flickering Headlights
  • Difficulty starting up the engine
  • Engine not starting at all
  • Dead battery
  • Delay when using electrical components, like the air conditioning and power windows
  • Warning sign on the dashboard
  • Strange sounds, like grinding or whining
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Schedule Service at Arlington Toyota

In the heat of the moment, panic and stress can ensue after discovering you have a bad alternator. Once you realize that your car is having issues, schedule service at Arlington Toyota. Our incredibly talented and friendly team of mechanics will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road as soon as they can. To schedule service at Arlington Toyota, contact us online right on our website, call our service department at (844) 474-5286, or stop by in person. We look forward to working with you.