2020 Toyota Tacoma vs 2020 Ford Ranger

The midsize pickup market is a burgeoning one. Some people don’t require the complete focus on utility that full-size pickups are known for, but still want the freedom that a pickup truck provides. The midsize pickup is smaller and more efficient than their bigger siblings, but certainly still capable.

The Toyota Tacoma has been perennially lauded for its high performance and value retention. Will it keep that distinction for 2020? Let’s test it out. The import powerhouse 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs the American icon 2020 Ford Ranger...who will win?

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Double Cab


2020 Ford Ranger Lariat Super Cab




3.5L V6


2.3L turbocharged inline 4-cylinder

278 hp / 265 ft-lbs

Horsepower / Torque

270 hp / 310 ft-lbs

RWD or 4WD


RWD or 4WD

6-speed automatic


10-speed shiftable automatic

18 / 22 / 20 mpg

Fuel Economy

20 / 24 / 22 mpg


New Midsize Truck in Palatine, IL

Comfortable and Capable

When you add the superior off road and handling capabilities that come with TRD-tuning, most would expect that the Tacoma ride quality would take a bit of a hit. If it does, we didn’t notice. The Tacoma is even more comfortable than previous years thanks to a fully adjustable 10-way driver’s seat and newly recalibrated transmission logic. The smoother shifting pairs well with the thicker side-window glass that cuts down on wind noise. A manual transmission is available on the TRD Pro for those who prefer stick. Climate control is smooth and easy.

The Ranger is not great, even downright bad, when it comes to ride quality. The suspension is much too spongy. You feel even the mildest bumps while driving. As a result, the cabin bounces and rocks like a playground ride. The 10-speed automatic that works so well in other Ford vehicles is unresponsive here, stubbornly refusing to downshift when it feels like it should. The climate control feels overly complex thanks, in part, to numerous small, indecipherable buttons.

2020 Tacoma off-raoding front view
2020 Tacoma off-roading rear view

Generous Features

The TRD Tacoma has a WiFi hotspot, Android Auto / Apple CarPlay compatibility, 8” touchscreen, remote keyless entry, an auto-dimming mirror, a 10-way power adjusting driver’s seat, a 120-volt/400-watt bed power outlet, and a wireless smartphone charging pad. And that’s what’s standard on the TRD. We haven’t mentioned all the other upgrades you can choose from. The Ranger only gets a few of these features standard.

2020 Tacoma dash and infotainment showcase

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