2020 Toyota Sienna vs 2020 Honda Odyssey

Despite the flak they get, minivans are pretty great. They’re super spacious, efficient, and practical. For large families, they are a must due to their simultaneous ability to haul cargo and seat more than two passengers without having to sacrifice that space.

Toyota have been locked in competition to control the minivan market, both offering quality options. That begs the question, which is better, the 2020 Toyota Sienna or the 2020 Honda Odyssey? Let’s find out.

2020 Toyota Sienna LE


2020 Honda Odyssey EX




3.5L V6


3.5L V6

296 hp / 263 ft-lbs

Horsepower / Torque

280 hp / 262 ft-lbs




8-speed shiftable automatic


10-speed shiftable automatic

18 / 24 / 20 mpg

Fuel Economy

19 / 28 / 22 mpg


New Minivan in Palatine, IL

Available AWD

Whether or not a vehicle has AWD is a big deal nowadays. And for good reason. Like traction control and stability control, a good AWD system can really help you avoid an accident when you otherwise might not be able to. For the 2020 Sienna, Toyota decided to include the advanced Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD system developed for the 2018 Toyota RAV4. The system allows up to 50% of the engine’s power to be diverted to the rear wheels independently. This is done automatically when the system detects micro-slippage, giving power to the wheels that need it, and reasserting traction before it is even lost. And when the AWD isn’t necessary, the system automatically returns to FWD, lowering fuel economy loss by 80%. The Odyssey doesn’t have any AWD options, even at the highest trim.

Toyota TV-AWD chart
2020 Sienna dash and infotainment showcase
2020 Sienna cargo space showcase
2020 Sienna interior showcase

More Choices, Fewer Added Costs

The Odyssey comes in five trim levels. The Sienna technically only has seven trims, but functionally has eight. They are as follows: L, LE, SE, SE Premium, SE Nightshade (technically a package, but overhauls the whole vehicle), XLE, XLE Premium, Limited, and Limited Premium. Having more trims eliminates either overspending for a trim that you don’t need or spending more to get all the features you want on an under-equipped trim.

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