2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Palatine IL

Although it might not be as prevalent as vehicles like the Camry or RAV4, the Toyota Land Cruiser might be the most legendary and iconic vehicle on the lineup. Originating all the way back in 1951, the Land Cruiser has gone through a multitude of generations and configurations all leading to the 2020 model year’s Heritage Edition, a celebration of the vehicle’s long legacy and, well, heritage. The 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser didn’t undergo many changes outside of this new trim level, but it is now available here in Palatine IL.

In the early ‘50s, Toyota developed a prototype vehicle based on the Jeep in response to demand for military light utility vehicles during the Korean War. Initially called the Toyota “Jeep” BJ, this vehicle went onto become the Land Cruiser that we all know and love today.

Specs & Features of the 2020 Land Cruiser

A true adventurer’s vehicle, the Land Cruiser is just as ready to tackle the muddy trails of the forest as it is to get you to the grocery store this weekend. Its versatile and rugged design was engineered to hold all of the gear necessary for whatever adventures you go on, whether they be out there in the wilderness or within the concrete jungle of downtown. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and, most importantly, strong.

Powered by a 5.7L V8 engine that’s tethered to an 8-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, the Land Cruiser is capable of generating 381 horsepower alongside 401 pound-feet of torque. That’s more than enough power to deliver an enjoyable experience each and every time you hit the road – or the not-road, for that matter. Features such as Multi-terrain Select and Crawl Control make sure that you’ll be able to tackle those off-road venues no matter what they throw at you.

Of course, the Land Cruiser is packed full of technologies and other features as well, as it’s just as much a luxury SUV as it is an off-road adventure mobile. Be sure to give us a call if you’re interested in a 2020 Land Cruiser of your own, right here at the Arlington Toyota sales desk!