2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid

One of the biggest rivalries in the automotive market is Toyota versus Honda. If you want to take that from the brand level to the model level, then the biggest rivalry would probably be the Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord. By extension, that means that the biggest hybrid rivalry would be the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid. We thought we’d feed into this rivalry by taking our own look at the two midsize hybrid sedans in a side-by-side comparison.

The Toyota Camry was first introduced in 1982, with the Camry Hybrid joining the lineup for the 2007 model year just a few years after the Prius first hit the market. On the Honda side of things, the Accord made its initial debut in 1976 while the Hybrid joined the lineup in 2005.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid


2019 Honda Accord Hybrid

52 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 48 mpg
208 HP Horsepower 212 HP
15.1 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 16.7 cu. t.
5 Seating Capacity 5

Advantages of the 2019 Camry Hybrid

Looking past the debut dates, there are plenty of aspects to analyze between these two vehicles. When it comes to specifications, we compiled a few of the most pertinent into the table just above. One glance gives you an idea of how the two compare to one another, but we’ll dive into a little more detail. The first row depicts arguably the most important thing in any hybrid vehicle: fuel efficiency. Across highway and city driving, the Camry Hybrid gets an average of four extra miles to the gallon than the Accord Hybrid. While four mpg isn’t a huge advantage itself, the fact that the Camry Hybrid is more efficient is a big advantage in and of itself considering the hybrid conversation.

Even still, the Accord Hybrid does fire back with a couple of advantages of its own. Four horsepower could hardly be considered an advantage, but the extra 1.6 cubic feet of trunk space is a fairly big deal. Both sedans offer seating for 5, so the final row is a moot point. However, there is much more to these two sedans than just these specs. Take design into consideration as well as which features are standard for what price point. Safety, warranties and other things should be considered as well. Give us a call or schedule a test drive here on the website if you think the 2019 Camry Hybrid might be the right choice for you.