2018 Toyota Yaris vs 2018 Honda Fit

With the introduction of the Yaris iA last year, the light hasn’t been shining quite as brightly on the original hatchback version of the Toyota Yaris. But for the 2018 model year, the Yaris was updated quite a bit, and it still makes an excellent choice in the subcompact hatchback class. To help illustrate that opinion, we thought we’d compare it to one of the most popular subcompact hatchbacks on the market, by pitting the 2018 Toyota Yaris vs 2018 Honda Fit.

As with all our comparisons, we’ve put together the table below in order to highlight a few of the more important specifications that need to be considered when shopping for a subcompact hatchback sedan. We’ll work our way through it row by row to give you a better idea of how the two hatchbacks align and differ.

2018 Toyota Yaris


2018 Honda Fit

33 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 31 mpg
106 HP Horsepower 130 HP
2,315 lbs. Curb Weight 2,522 lbs.
5 Seating Capacity 5

Advantages of the 2018 Yaris

In the first row, we looked at fuel efficiency, which is an important thing to consider regardless of segment. The better the fuel efficiency, the cheaper it is to driver. So the Yaris’s two extra miles per gallon might not seem like much, but it will save you a bit of cash at the pump in the long run. In the second row we turn to power, in which the Fit unfortunately has an advantage of its own.

While 24 horsepower doesn’t seem like a ton, it can make a difference. However, that advantage is diminished quite a bit by the facts of the third row, which looks at curb weight. The Yaris weighs 207 pounds less than the Honda Fit, meaning it needs less power to get up and move the same distance. Although that certainly doesn’t negate the advantage completely, it certainly cuts back on the Fit’s leg up.

Lastly, both sedans offer seating for up to 5 passengers, so there is no difference there. If you like the extra fuel efficiency and are okay with a slight dip in power to get it, then get in touch with us here at Arlington Toyota at your earliest convenience so we can get you behind the wheel.