2018 Toyota Sequoia vs 2018 Chevy Tahoe

The Sequoia might not be the most well-known or popular Toyota vehicle on the market, but it’s certainly one of the most capable and spacious options available. It’s been on the market since the turn of the century, yet it’s still riding strong in its second generation. This year, the Sequoia received a mild refresh with a few cosmetic upgrades and its very own TRD trim level. But what we want to know, is how well it measures up to the biggest competitor in the full-size SUV segment: the Tahoe.

To figure this out, we decided we’d pit the 2018 Toyota Sequoia vs 2018 Chevy Tahoe, and put the table below together. It analyzes some of the most important specifications to take into consideration when shopping for a vehicle like this, including power and space. We’ll analyze each row below!

2018 Toyota Sequoia


2018 Chevy Tahoe

381 HP Horsepower 355 HP
401 lb-ft. Torque 383 lb-ft.
18.9 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 15.3 cu. ft.
8 Seating Capacity 8

Advantages of the 2018 Sequoia

Unsurprisingly to us, but perhaps surprising to you, the Sequoia dominates the Tahoe in the table above. We’ll start from the top with power, an area one would think for sure that a powerhouse such as the Chevy Tahoe should reign supreme. But not in this case, as the Sequoia manages to deliver 26 horsepower more than the Tahoe. And the next row extends that, showing that it also offers an extra 18 pound-feet of torque.

As if offering that much extra power wasn’t enough, the Sequoia doesn’t stop there as it offers space advantages as well. The fourth row shows that both the Sequoia and Tahoe can accommodate up to 8 passengers, but the third row shows the Sequoia offers an extra 3.6 cubic feet of space to accommodate all of the cargo that comes along with those 8 passengers.

If you’re in the market for a full-size sport utility vehicle and you think the Sequoia might be the right one for you, be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll get you behind the wheel of one just as soon as we can!