2018 Toyota Prius v vs 2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The Toyota Prius lineup got its start at the turn of the century and has added many members to its family in the years since. For instance, in the 2011 calendar year, Toyota introduced the Prius v. The Prius v is considered to be the family vehicle of the bunch, being more of a modern-day station wagon than a traditional sedan. While there aren’t many of these vehicles on the market today, there is at least one other that makes a great competitor for the Prius v, so we thought we’d see how they measure up to one another by comparing the 2018 Toyota Prius v vs 2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid.

2018 Toyota Prius v


2018 Ford C-Max Hybrid

43 mpg City Fuel Efficiency 42 mpg
39 mpg Highway Fuel Efficiency 38 mpg
134 HP Horsepower 188 HP
34.3 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 24.5 cu. ft.

Advantages of the 2018 Prius v

To conduct this comparison, we compiled data into the table up above. One glance will show you just how similar these two vehicles are to one another, but each wagon has its clear advantage. However, before we get to the true advantages, we’ll look at the first half of the table in which we looked at what’s most important in a hybrid: fuel efficiency. Only one mile per gallon separates these two vehicles both on the highway and through city streets, but an advantage is an advantage, and this one goes to the Prius v.

The C-Max Hybrid fires back in the third row with its big advantage, which is in terms of power as it delivers an extra 54 HP. If you’re okay giving up a bit of power, which you probably aren’t that concerned with considering you’re shopping for a hybrid wagon, then the Prius v will be the clear choice after the fourth row. Nearly 10 whole cubic feet is how much larger the Prius v’s cargo area is than the Ford C-Max Hybrid, a disadvantage there is no coming back from for the C-Max. If you’re interested in a Prius v of your own, be sure to give us a call.