2020 Toyota Supra driving on a racetrack, rear view

What does Toyota TRD stand for?

Toyota TRD: What is it, really?

Most auto manufacturers have a performance branch that focuses on developing racing vehicles for the professional circuits and producing performance versions of “normal” consumer cars. The Toyota Camry is the perfect example of this. The Toyota Camry is an efficient and practical sedan, perfect for the daily commute or as a family car. However, if one were to take a Camry to a racetrack or drag strip, the results would be lackluster, to say the least. When Toyota produces a Camry TRD, what does that mean? Is it ready for the racetrack? Is it just some different styling?

What does Toyota TRD stand for?

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What TRD Means?

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development. As described above, they develop actual racing vehicles for the Toyota racing team. They also research, tune, and produce the performance variants of vehicles like the Camry, Tacoma, and Supra.

What does TRD do?

TRD can either take a pre-existing vehicle and reimagine it with a focus on performance or develop a vehicle all by itself. For the former, the 2020 Tacoma is currently getting a lot of attention. It has a TRD Sport, TRD Offroad, and TRD Pro trim. The Sport is a performance variant for street driving, the Offroad focuses on driving in offroad environments, and the Pro makes the Tacoma the highest performing vehicle it can be without making an entirely different vehicle. For the latter, the Supra is one of the most famous brainchildren of any automakers’ racing departments.

2020 Tacoma TRD and 2020 4Runner TRD parked on rocky outcrop

Where can I get a TRD vehicle?

Here at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL, we sell all sorts of TRD vehicles, from the Tacoma to the Camry to the RAV4. If you’re interested, we recommend scheduling a test drive. If you have any questions regarding TRD or Toyota products, give us a call or send us a message. We’re always happy to chat.