cracked windshield in vehicle

How to fix a crack in a windshield?

Fixing Cracks, Chips, and Nicks in a Windshield

Getting a chip in a windshield really sucks. Chips and cracks are distracting and frustrating in equal measure, especially when it comes to repairing them. Is there an easy way to do it? Do I just need to get my windshield replacement?

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Here’s how to fix a crack in a windshield.

Is it against the law to drive with a cracked windshield?

How to Fix Small Chips

Chips are both the most common and easiest to fix when it comes to windshield damage. They are much less temperamental than cracks. In general, any chip that has an indentation where glass has actually been chipped away can be fixed with a simple repair kit. These kits come in two types: pre-mixed adhesive and two-part adhesive. Pre-mixed adhesive is the most common and easiest to use. Neither is better than the other, though, so take some time to look at the processes of each and then go from there.

How to Fix Small Cracks

Things get foggy when it comes to cracks. Anything smaller than the size of a quarter can usually be fixed with a windshield repair kit. However, this isn’t always the case. In general, cracks should be fixed professionally, as there are many, many factors that go into to deciding repair versus replacement. The universal advice for cracks is to act quickly. A small crack can get really big in just a few drives, given the right environment (i.e. bumpy roads, extreme temperatures, etc.). The faster you get the windshield repaired, the quicker and less expensive it will be.

Repair or Replace?

The rule-of-thumb for replacement is as follows: any chipping over 2 inches and any cracks over 12 inches = replacement. For most vehicles, a windshield replacement usually ranges from $250-$500. For luxury vehicles, the windshield alone may cost over $1,000. Again, repairing is much more affordable than replacing, so speed is of the essence with windshield chips and cracks.

Don’t Want to Mess Around?

Here at Toyota of Arlington, we do in-house windshield repair and replacement. For a free estimate, simply take a few pictures and send them to us.