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How should I clean my car to get rid of coronavirus?

Clearing Your Car of COVID-19

The rise of coronavirus has everyone on edge nowadays, causing people to clean everything they own. Coincidentally, the typical spring-cleaning time has arrived. So, we figured we’d give you the low-down on how to give your vehicle the proper scrub-down to make sure to get rid of any coronavirus that may be hiding in your car.

Here’s how you should clean your car to get rid of coronavirus.

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Cleaning the Coronavirus from Your Car

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All you need is soap, warm water, and patience. Any virus—like COVID-19—is just a string of proteins. Soap breaks down proteins, which is why it works on things like oils and butter. So, by scrubbing non-electronic areas in your vehicle for 20 seconds, you will destroy any virus that may be there. Just like washing your hands, you need to scrub for 20 seconds, which means getting the whole of your car’s dash and doors will take a while. Make sure to focus on areas that you touch a lot, like the steering wheel, door handles, seatbelts, and shifter. Be careful to avoid getting soapy water onto any electronics, though. As you’re probably aware, water and electronics don’t mix well.

Cleaning the Electronics

If you can’t use soap and water on electronics, then what should you use? Non-bleach cleaning wipes will do the trick. However, be careful not to press too hard and try your best to not use the wipes often. Too much use of those wipes can be just as bad as using soap and water. Every once in a while is totally fine, but after using a wipe, the best way to keep electronics virus-free is to make sure your hands are clean. Washing your hands frequently or using hand sanitizer will do the trick.

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