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Does the Camry Hybrid or Corolla Hybrid get better mpg?

Fuel Economy Comparison: 2021 Camry Hybrid vs 2021 Corolla Hybrid

Here at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL, we get a lot of questions about fuel economy. Which makes sense. People want to know which vehicles are going to save them the most money in the long run. One of the most common comparisons we get asked is the Camry Hybrid versus the Corolla Hybrid. Which hybrid model is better?

Does the Camry Hybrid or the Corolla Hybrid get more mpg?

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Fuel Economy

If you choose the base trim Camry Hybrid, then both models get almost the exact same mpg.

  • 2021 Corolla Hybrid LE – 53/52/52 mpg
  • 2021 Camry Hybrid LE – 51/53/52 mpg

However, if you want one of the higher trim Camry models, then the Corolla is the winner.

  • 2021 Camry Hybrid XLE – 44/47/46 mpg
  • 2021 Camry Hybrid XSE – 44/47/46 mpg

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