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2020 Corolla multimedia screen

How to connect my smartwatch to my Toyota?

Connecting Your Smartwatch to a Toyota via Remote Connect: Video Guide

New Toyota models have excellent connectivity options, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. Also available is Toyota Remote Connect, which allows you to do things like start your vehicle, lock/unlock the doors, check diagnostics, and much more.

Here’s how to connect your smartwatch to your Toyota with Remote Connect.

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cleaning a steering wheel

How should I clean my car to get rid of coronavirus?

Clearing Your Car of COVID-19

The rise of coronavirus has everyone on edge nowadays, causing people to clean everything they own. Coincidentally, the typical spring-cleaning time has arrived. So, we figured we’d give you the low-down on how to give your vehicle the proper scrub-down to make sure to get rid of any coronavirus that may be hiding in your car.

Here’s how you should clean your car to get rid of coronavirus.

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smartphone pairing with vehicle

How to connect phone to Toyota Entune 3.0 with Bluetooth?

Video Guide to Connecting Your Phone to Entune 3.0

Toyota Entune 3.0 is the multimedia system available on new Toyota vehicles. It helps you connect your phone to the vehicle, so you can use apps like Spotify, Maps, Messages, and many other things, all without having to touch your phone.

But how do you connect your phone to Toyota Entune 3.0?

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Entune 3.0 Video Tutorial

Still Having Trouble?

Give us a call. We’re always happy to help in any way we can. If it turns out that there something is wrong with your vehicle, we have certified expert technicians who can diagnose and fix your issues quickly and affordably.

person using smartphone

How to use the Toyota app?

Toyota App Video Tutorial

Your Toyota vehicle may have Toyota Connected Services. If so, congrats! Toyota Connected Services has all sorts of great features that you can use anywhere via your smartphone, like remote start, accessing diagnostic information, and more. However, If you’re unable to set up or navigate the Toyota app, then all those services won’t do you much good.

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Person refueling at a gas station

How to open a gas cap on a Toyota Camry?

Locating the Fuel Door Release in your Camry

We’ve all had it. The new car giddiness. The kind where everything is brilliant, but we still don’t know what all the buttons do or where certain controls are. That’s part of the magic of a new vehicle. However, pulling up to the pump just to realize you don’t know how to open you gas tank can be as embarrassing as it is frustrating.

No worries, we’re here to help. Let us show you…

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old car stuck in a snow drift on the side of the road

What emergency items should I keep in my car over winter?

Winter Emergency Preparedness List

For those of us that live in the Midwest, like northern Illinois, heavy winter storms are the norm. If you’ve ever been stranded in a storm, then you know exactly how scary it can be, especially if you’re unprepared. That’s why we decided to put together this list of emergency items that you may want to add to your current emergency kit. This is by no means a comprehensive list and we are by no means survival experts, but this list should help you figure out…

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cars driving in bad weather while pedestrians walk across the street

Should I use gas-line antifreeze in the winter?

A Guide to Using Gas-Line Antifreeze

For those of us that deal with harsh winters, like the kind we get in the Midwest, one of the worst feelings is not being able to start your car. Many people do the usual stuff to winterize their vehicles, like changing windshield wipers, changing their oil to lower viscosities, or getting a new battery. One thing you have heard of is putting a gas additive or gas-line antifreeze in your vehicle. What does it do? Is it worth the money?

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2020 Corolla cockpit

How to connect Amazon Alexa to a Toyota?

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting Alexa to a Toyota

Connecting your Toyota vehicle to your Amazon account means that you can use Alexa to start your car, lock and unlock it, and check your fuel level. That functionality is really neat, but how exactly do you go about connecting them? The steps aren’t necessarily super obvious. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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