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2021 Toyota Sienna driving on a bridge

Is All-Wheel Drive Available for the 2021 Toyota Sienna?

Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have AWD?

One of the most common questions that vehicle shoppers ask when looking at a model is whether or not a model is available with all-wheel drive. Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have AWD? To answer this question, we’ve broken down the various trim levels of the 2021 Toyota Sienna and the availability of all-wheel drive across its trim level lineup.

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A front left quarter photo of the 2021 Toyota Sienna on the road.

Get to know the 2021 Toyota Sienna before you test drive it

Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have a hybrid engine? 

Say what you will about minivans, but there is no other platform widely available to Arlington Toyota customers that are as flexible, capable and easy to handle. Within the new vehicle inventory at our showroom, buyers looking for something in this class will almost certainly gravitate toward the Toyota Sienna. Known for its cavernous interior space, strong towing potential and available all-wheel-drive, the latest version has gone through a complete redesign, which has led to many questions from customers. The leading inquiry has been, ‘Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have a hybrid engine?’ Yes, it does. Obviously, the goal was to improve fuel economywhich was achieved. However, the 2021 Sienna has a lot more to offer. Let’s take a closer at a few things you might also want to know.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Sienna cargo space showcase

What safety features does the 2020 Toyota Sienna have?

2020 Toyota Sienna Safety Features

For those of us looking to get a minivan, there are a few criteria that everyone considers: efficiency, cargo space, seating capacity, and, perhaps most importantly, safety. A minivan can have excellent fuel economy, be super spacious, and seat more people than anything else on the road, but if it’s not up to snuff safety-wise, then it’s no good.

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2020 Toyota Sienna Exterior Driver Side Front Profile in Midnight Black Metallic with Nightshade Edition Package

2020 Toyota Sienna Exterior Color Options

When it comes to customization options in the automotive industry, exterior color is the biggest one. It’s the thing everybody else sees first and foremost as you travel around in the driver’s seat, so you want to make sure you get something you like and that reflects your personality. We thought we’d give you an idea of the different exterior color options available to you in the 2020 Toyota Sienna, which you can check out below. The image above depicts the Midnight Black Metallic option when equipped with the Nightshade Edition Package! Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Sienna Nightshade Edition Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

What’s new in the 2020 Toyota Sienna?

We recently covered some of the specs & features offered by the 2020 Toyota Sienna, but we didn’t yet have all the information. Turns out, there were a few updates for the new model year, and chief among them was the addition of the newest Nightshade Edition trim level. Back at the 2018 State Fair of Texas, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner Nightshade Edition was introduced. It was followed by similar packages for the 2019 Camry & Highlander, and now by the 2020 Sienna. Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Sienna Exterior Passenger Side Rear Profile on Road

2020 Toyota Sienna Specs & Features

For the past several years, the Toyota Sienna has been fairly quiet. It entered its third generation all the way back in 2010, with only some mild refreshes and minor facelifts coming through the years. 2018 did see the most recent facelift, with a bit of a sportier design and some updated specs & features. We had our fingers crossed that the 2020 Toyota Sienna would be the freshman year of its fourth generation, but it will continue to carry the flag for the third-generation Sienna. That might sound like bad news, and while we’re bummed the Sienna won’t get a major exciting overhaul like the Corolla, it does prove one thing. The #SwaggerWagon is perfect just as it is! Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Toyota Camry Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

2018 Toyota Camry & Sienna owners can upgrade for Apple CarPlay & Amazon Alexa

We’ve got some pretty great news for owners of either a 2018 Toyota Camry or 2018 Toyota Sienna. Roughly a year ago, Toyota announced its plans to offer Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa compatibility on a several 2019 models and most 2020 models, with the end goal of it being offered in all vehicles on the lineup. In an effort to move those plans forward, Toyota has announced that owners of these two vehicles can now bring in their Camry or Sienna for an upgrade that will add Apple CarPlay & Amazon Alexa compatibility to their vehicles. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Toyota Sienna Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

2019 Toyota Sienna Family-Friendly Features

When it comes to family vehicles, even on today’s market it’s difficult to beat the minivan segment. There might not be as many available as there used to be, but those that still exist are some of the best family cars out there. In our opinion (of course), the 2019 Toyota Sienna can’t be beaten. We thought we’d highlight some of its family-friendly features to show you exactly what that’s our opinion. Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Toyota Sienna Exterior Driver Side Profile

2019 Toyota Sienna How-To Video Playlist

We’ve done this a few times before, and since there are more of them out there we thought we’d keep it up. Below is a playlist of how-to videos filmed by Toyota itself in regard to the Sienna minivan, AKA Swagger Wagon. While most of the videos aren’t for the 2019 Sienna itself, but rather older models, most of the videos will still be very helpful for different technologies and features that have been in the minivan for quite some time. Check them all out to get better acquainted with your van, or just skip through to find the one you’re looking for. Read the rest of this entry >>