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2021 Venza side profile

What does Amazon Alexa in my Toyota do?

Things Your Toyota Can Do with Amazon Alexa

Here at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL, we often get questions about Toyota vehicles and smartphone compatibility. We love telling people about standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but when we get to the standard Amazon Alexa part, that tends to bring up more questions. The most common of which is:

What does Amazon Alexa in a Toyota vehicle do?

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2020 Corolla multimedia screen

How to connect my smartwatch to my Toyota?

Connecting Your Smartwatch to a Toyota via Remote Connect: Video Guide

New Toyota models have excellent connectivity options, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa compatibility. Also available is Toyota Remote Connect, which allows you to do things like start your vehicle, lock/unlock the doors, check diagnostics, and much more.

Here’s how to connect your smartwatch to your Toyota with Remote Connect.

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2020 Corolla with headlights on

What does the Adaptive Front Lighting feature on my Toyota do?

Adaptive Front Lighting: What It Does, How It Works, and Which Models Have It

Many new cars have so many features that its hard to keep them straight. The names of these features aren’t always self-evident either. For instance, Pre-Collision System. If you don’t know that this feature detects object in front of the vehicle, warns the driver, and applies braking pressure, then the name probably won’t help you figure it out.

Similarly, what does the adaptive front lighting feature on a Toyota do?

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2020 RAV4 digital speedometer

How to switch RAV4 speedometer from analog to digital?

Changing Your RAV4 Model’s Digital Cluster from Traditional Gauge to Digital Readout

One of the great things about the Toyota Multi-Information Display (MID) is customization. With it, you can choose which information you want to show, such as odometer readings, fuel economy, and more. One of the more well-known applications is the digital speedometer. If you have the compatible MID, you can switch between an analog gauge-style read-out or an exact MPH number. But how is it that done?

How do you switch the RAV4 speedometer from analog to digital?

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Two 2020 RAV4 models driving on coastal road

What safety features are standard on the 2020 RAV4?

What does 2020 RAV4 Toyota Safety Sense include?

The Toyota RAV4 is an incredibly popular choice for those looking to get a reliable and affordable crossover SUV. One of the reasons that it’s so beloved by critics and owners alike is its focus on safety. What distinguishes it from other vehicles on the road?

What safety features are standard on the 2020 RAV4?

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smartphone pairing with vehicle

How to connect phone to Toyota Entune 3.0 with Bluetooth?

Video Guide to Connecting Your Phone to Entune 3.0

Toyota Entune 3.0 is the multimedia system available on new Toyota vehicles. It helps you connect your phone to the vehicle, so you can use apps like Spotify, Maps, Messages, and many other things, all without having to touch your phone.

But how do you connect your phone to Toyota Entune 3.0?

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Entune 3.0 Video Tutorial

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How to use the Toyota app?

Toyota App Video Tutorial

Your Toyota vehicle may have Toyota Connected Services. If so, congrats! Toyota Connected Services has all sorts of great features that you can use anywhere via your smartphone, like remote start, accessing diagnostic information, and more. However, If you’re unable to set up or navigate the Toyota app, then all those services won’t do you much good.

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2020 GR Supra drifting around a track corner

How many seats does the 2020 Supra have?

2020 GR Supra Seating and Interior Features

Many people are excited for the return of this Toyota icon. Which is no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the Supra. It’s original four-generation production run went from 1978 to 2002. Now, with 2019 seeing production start again, the fifth generation is available for purchase. Toyota pulled out all the stops, making a quality vehicle. If fact, they did so well that the 2020 Supra achieved a coveted spot of the Car and Driver “10Best” list. One of the reasons they list for its placement on their list is its ability to switch between track prowess and everyday driver flawlessly. Part of that is due to the interior. So…

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2020 Corolla Apple CarPlay showcase

Which Toyota models have Apple CarPlay?

2020 Apple CarPlay Compatible Toyota Models

Being able to get directions, make calls, send messages, and listen to your favorite music without having to navigate your smartphone is a not only a convenience feature, but also a safety feature. Anything that frees up your attention and lets you focus on the road is good for you and everyone else on the road.

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2020 Corolla cockpit

How to connect Amazon Alexa to a Toyota?

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting Alexa to a Toyota

Connecting your Toyota vehicle to your Amazon account means that you can use Alexa to start your car, lock and unlock it, and check your fuel level. That functionality is really neat, but how exactly do you go about connecting them? The steps aren’t necessarily super obvious. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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