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2020 Toyota Supra driving on a racetrack, rear view

What does Toyota TRD stand for?

Toyota TRD: What is it, really?

Most auto manufacturers have a performance branch that focuses on developing racing vehicles for the professional circuits and producing performance versions of “normal” consumer cars. The Toyota Camry is the perfect example of this. The Toyota Camry is an efficient and practical sedan, perfect for the daily commute or as a family car. However, if one were to take a Camry to a racetrack or drag strip, the results would be lackluster, to say the least. When Toyota produces a Camry TRD, what does that mean? Is it ready for the racetrack? Is it just some different styling?

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Person refueling at a gas station

How to open a gas cap on a Toyota Camry?

Locating the Fuel Door Release in your Camry

We’ve all had it. The new car giddiness. The kind where everything is brilliant, but we still don’t know what all the buttons do or where certain controls are. That’s part of the magic of a new vehicle. However, pulling up to the pump just to realize you don’t know how to open you gas tank can be as embarrassing as it is frustrating.

No worries, we’re here to help. Let us show you…

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2020 Corolla Apple CarPlay showcase

Which Toyota models have Apple CarPlay?

2020 Apple CarPlay Compatible Toyota Models

Being able to get directions, make calls, send messages, and listen to your favorite music without having to navigate your smartphone is a not only a convenience feature, but also a safety feature. Anything that frees up your attention and lets you focus on the road is good for you and everyone else on the road.

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RAV4 Hybrid on production line at TMMK

Where is the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid made?

2020 RAV4 Hybrid Begins Production in Kentucky

For many, where a car is made is important. For some, it’s the novelty of experiencing different cultures. Owning a foreign car in a domestic market is a great conversation starter and a way to expand one’s horizons. Others may want to support the domestic market, wishing to contribute to a robust economy or support local industry. Or maybe you don’t think about it at all.

Whatever your reasons, people like knowing where their cars are made. So, that begs the question…

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Three 2020 RAV4 hyrbids lined up outside of modernist house

Which 2020 Toyota models are hybrids?

The Full Toyota Hybrid List

Hybrid technology has evolved considerably over the years, making hybrid vehicles better for the environment and better for your wallet. The benefits are incredibly drastic for anyone who does a decent amount of city driving. For those that live in urban areas, hybrids should be at the top of your list when looking to get a new vehicle. With hybrid gas mileage almost doubling that of normal combustion engines, it’s a no-brainer.

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2020 Corolla logo and grille close-up

What do the Toyota name and logo mean?

Toyota Name and Logo Explained

We’re so inundated with all the branding in the US that many of us don’t know where our favorite brands get their names or logos from. When you stop to think about it, it’s kind of weird how little we know about the companies we buy from. Well, we can help you out with at least one company!

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How to use Toyota navigation?

A Step-by-Step Guide for Toyota Entune® Navigation

In-vehicle navigation is a big plus. Trying to use your phone for navigation while driving isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous. But if you don’t know how to use your in-vehicle navigation, then you may be stuck with trying to use your phone. Don’t worry! Let us show you.

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2019 Toyota Yellow Paper ad still image

What song is in the Toyota 2019 Thanksgiving ad?

Toyota Debuts Touching “Yellow Paper” Holiday Ad

A lot of companies tend to shamelessly advertise their new product or year-end sales around the holidays. Which makes sense given that the time between Black Friday and Christmas is some of the most lucrative for any company that has goods to market. Toyota has decided to buck this trend with their newest ad, focusing on what makes the holidays important: loved ones. One of the things that makes this ad so effective is the poignant song that was used. Which begs the question…

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2020 Toyota Yaris hatch

Toyota Yaris GR-4 Details

New Toyota Hot Hatch Details and Delay

Hatchbacks have always been popular. They’re a great balance of stylish and efficient. In fact, they’re so efficient that they’re often used for racing. The VW Golf R, the Ford Focus RS, the Audi S3, the Renault Clio RS, the Honda Civic Type R…all are recent examples of the fantastically popular hot hatches. And it seems that Toyota wants a piece of the pie. The Toyota Yaris has made a few attempts, like the Yaris SR and limited-run GRMN, but it hasn’t manufactured a full-production racing-centric hot hatch. Until now.

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