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2021 Venza side profile

What does Amazon Alexa in my Toyota do?

Things Your Toyota Can Do with Amazon Alexa

Here at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL, we often get questions about Toyota vehicles and smartphone compatibility. We love telling people about standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but when we get to the standard Amazon Alexa part, that tends to bring up more questions. The most common of which is:

What does Amazon Alexa in a Toyota vehicle do?

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2020 Tundra TRD FOX shocks

How do FOX shocks on a Toyota TRD model work?

Off-Road Performance Guide: TRD Wheels and FOX Shocks

If you’ve been researching the off-roading TRD line of Toyota vehicles—the 2020 4Runner, Sequoia, Tacoma, and Tundra—then you’ve seen that they have FOX shocks. You can probably guess that this means they’re tailored to off-roading, but what makes them different from what you’d find in a normal suspension?

How do FOX shocks on a Toyota TRD model work?

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2020 Corolla with headlights on

What does the Adaptive Front Lighting feature on my Toyota do?

Adaptive Front Lighting: What It Does, How It Works, and Which Models Have It

Many new cars have so many features that its hard to keep them straight. The names of these features aren’t always self-evident either. For instance, Pre-Collision System. If you don’t know that this feature detects object in front of the vehicle, warns the driver, and applies braking pressure, then the name probably won’t help you figure it out.

Similarly, what does the adaptive front lighting feature on a Toyota do?

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Blue car getting hosed off after washing

How often should I wash my car?

The Truth About Washing Your Car

We’ve all seen it. That SUV in the parking that’s completely covered in dirt and dust. Most likely someone’s written “wash me” with their finger on the rear windshield. Some people may think letting a vehicle get that dirty is awful. Others may wonder why it’s such a big deal.

This brings up the question: is it necessary to wash my car? And if so, how often should I wash my car?

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