2020 RAV4 digital speedometer

How to switch RAV4 speedometer from analog to digital?

Changing Your RAV4 Model’s Digital Cluster from Traditional Gauge to Digital Readout

One of the great things about the Toyota Multi-Information Display (MID) is customization. With it, you can choose which information you want to show, such as odometer readings, fuel economy, and more. One of the more well-known applications is the digital speedometer. If you have the compatible MID, you can switch between an analog gauge-style read-out or an exact MPH number. But how is it that done?

How do you switch the RAV4 speedometer from analog to digital?

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How to Switch Digital Cluster Settings

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First of all, your RAV4 must have the digital speedometer with the 7-inch MID. The RAV4 trims that have this feature are: Adventure, TRD Off-Road, XSE Hybrid, Limited, and Limited Hybrid. If your RAV4 does have this feature, then follow these steps:

  1. Press either left arrow or right arrow on your MID controller, located on the left-hand side of your steering wheel
  2. Navigate to the Settings screen, marked by acronyms like LTA, PCS, and BSM
  3. Press the downward arrow until you find the MID Settings option, listed with a small icon of the Toyota MID and the word “Settings”
  4. Press and hold the OK button on your MID controller until the MID Settings menu opens
  5. Use the downward arrow to navigate to the Meter Type option.
  6. Press the OK button
  7. Select between Analog and Digital speedometer displays

There you go. Any time you want to switch between the two options, just repeat these steps.

Need Some Assistance?

If you’ve followed these steps but still can’t get your digital speedometer and MID to change over, give us a call. Your RAV4 model may be experiencing some technical difficulties that our Toyota-certified technicians can take care of.