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Can I get my Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealership?

Is it possible to get a Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealership?

You may know that Lexus and Toyota are sibling companies. Lexus is often colloquially called the luxury branch of Toyota. Consequently, if you own a Lexus vehicle, but don’t have a local Lexus dealer, knowing where to get it serviced, repaired, and the like, can be confusing. But since Toyota and Lexus are sibling companies, shouldn’t a Lexus be able to be serviced at a Toyota dealer?

Can I can get my Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealership?

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Servicing a Lexus at a Toyota Dealer

Short answer: yes, you can get your Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealership. The two brands have the same parent company. As a result, they share many of the same parts, like engines and transmissions. A technician trained to work on one brand will be familiar with the other thanks to the shared parts and systems. A Toyota dealer will often have access to the exact OEM part a Lexus needs due to the shared DNA as well.

Long answer: yes, but there are a few caveats. Warranties are often brand specific. If you take your active warranty Lexus into a Toyota dealership for an oil change, it may not be covered. This applies to all maintenance and servicing. Some dealers may make exceptions, but don’t expect that to be applicable everywhere. Also, certain parts aren’t shared between the brands. For instance, a Lexus technician may not have been trained to work on a locking rear differential from a Tacoma. Or, a Toyota technician may not have been trained to work on Lexus-only sensors. However, if you find yourself stranded and in need of mechanical repair, a Toyota dealer is an excellent alternative to your usual Lexus dealer.

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