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What Toyota Hybrid gets the best gas mileage?

2020 Toyota Hybrid Model Fuel Economy Comparison

If you’re interested in excellent fuel economy, then a Toyota Hybrid is the way to go. However, Toyota has a lot of hybrid models. Each has its appeal. Each has some strengths that make it a great choice for the right buyer.

We’ve listed out all the Toyota Hybrid models below. Find the one that you’ve had your eye on and compare it to other hybrid models. You’ll be able to see what Toyota Hybrid gets the best gas mileage.

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2020 Toyota Hybrid MPG Comparison

Every hybrid model gets considerably better gas mileage than its internal combustion counterpart. That’s because hybrids mitigate a lot of the fuel loss that happens in start and stop traffic. By using electric motors and recharging batteries during braking, a hybrid can use way less fuel than a traditional combustion vehicle. Take a look at the numbers.


MPG (cty/hwy)

Hybrid MPG (cty/hwy)


22/32 43/44
Camry 29/41













Prius Prime


ToyotaCare Complimentary Service

Each new Toyota vehicle bought or leased, including the Hybrid models, comes with two years of free ToyotaCare. What is ToyotaCare? Well, it’s a free 2-year/25,000-mile no cost maintenance plan. That’s two years’ worth of free oil and oil filter changes, tire rotations, fluid adjustments, and safety inspections. It also includes a 2-year/unlimited-mile roadside assistance program. With it you get lockout protection, emergency fuel delivery, towing, winching, tire service, and battery jump starts.

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