2020 Raize on Japanese side street

New Toyota Compact SUV Launched in Japan

The Toyota Raize Now Available in Japan

The SUV and the crossover are wildly popular in the States. They’re popularity has mostly done away with the wagon, and the sedan appears to be going in a similar direction. The love of SUVs is spreading, with traditionally non-SUV international consumers starting to take interest. Many automakers have begun, or continue, to offer SUV and crossover models. Toyota has a new entry for that growing market, but it comes with a twist.

Let us introduce the new Toyota compact SUV that launched in Japan.

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Starting MSRP, Trims, and Specs

2020 Raize cargo space neatly packedOn November 5th, Toyota commenced sales of the Toyota Raize in Japan. It is available in 3.5 trims. The base model X and its sporty XS variant are priced at $15,450 and $16,060 respectively. The mid-tier G starts at $17,441, and the fully-loaded Z is starting at $18,960. Each Raize has the new Daihatsu 1.0L-turbocharged 1KR-VET straight-3 engine, a direct shift-CVT, and a choice between 2WD and dynamic torque AWD. The Raize is just over 13.1 feet long and 5.6 feet wide. For comparison, the 2020 Prius is 15 feet long and 5.75 feet wide. With the seats up, the Raize has 13 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats up, which can be increased significantly by folding down the rear seats.

Standard Features and Safety

The Daihatsu Smart Assist® safety suite is standard on the Raize, including features like Crash Avoidance Braking Function, which recognizes both vehicles and pedestrians, and Erroneous Start Prevention with forward and backward braking control. Drivers can also expect Adaptive Cruise Control with All Speed Tracking and Smart Panorama Parking Assistance. Like most 2020 Toyota models, the Raize also has Apple CarPlay™ and the open-source SmartDeviceLink™ for non-Apple users. The Raize will also be added to the part-subscription service, part-lease KINTO ONE program aimed at introducing a more causal long-term vehicle rental option.

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