2019 Toyota Prius c Exterior Driver Side Profile

Will there be a 2020 Toyota Prius c?

Nearly a decade ago, Toyota introduced the Aqua to the world at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Outside of Japan, the Toyota Aqua is known as the Toyota Prius c. For the past nine years, the Prius c has been a stalwart member of the Prius family. Its urban-inspired package was the perfect member of the family for city driving, with its subcompact size but surprising amount of space and incredibly city fuel economy. But, with the Prius v being discontinued recently, many have been curious… will there be a 2020 Toyota Prius c?

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2019 Toyota Prius c Discontinued

Unfortunately for fans of the hybrid city car, the Prius c will not be returning for the 2020 model year. The traditional Prius and the plug-in Prius Prime will be the only remaining members of the Prius family, though there are still plenty of other non-Prius hybrid vehicles on the Toyota lineup. For instance, although not quite as small as the Prius c – which was a bit more on par with the Yaris Hatchback than any other vehicle on the lineup – the brand-new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid might be a good replacement.

2020 Toyota Prius Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

2020 Toyota Prius Prime Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

Other Available Hybrid Models

In addition to the three aforementioned models, there are several other hybrid models available to eco- and bank-account-conscious customers that might’ve been considering a Prius c as their next model. When it comes to crossovers, we have two available hybrid models: the RAV4 Hybrid and the Highlander Hybrid. On the sedan front, joining the other three are the Avalon Hybrid and Camry Hybrid. These seven options give you a ton of choices in all different size and type segments.

Perhaps another subcompact hybrid will join the lineup down the road, but for now, the 2019 Prius c will be your last chance to a Toyota hybrid model in that segment. But fear not, if you are a current Prius c owner or someone interested in purchasing one of the final Prius c models made or an earlier pre-owned model, Toyota Service Centers will continue to take care of you for years to come.