Toyota e-Palette-Concept Vehicle

What is Toyota’s electric vehicle plan?

We already know that Toyota has been moving towards an all-out mobility company rather than just a car company, as evidenced by their slate of vehicles and robotics coming to the Olympic & Paralympic Games. What is one of the best ways to enhance mobility? Make it accessible to all. And what is one of the most accessible types of vehicles? Well, it might not seem like it yet, but electric vehicles. They don’t have to rely on gasoline or any other type of fuel, you just have to have access to some electricity to keep them charged. So, what is Toyota’s electric vehicle plan for the future?

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What is the timeline?

While Toyota had a very long-term plan for introducing more electric vehicles to the lineup and expanding the technology, earlier this summer they decided to make a vow to speed things up, and shave five years off their plan. Now, Toyota has committed to selling 5.5 million electrified vehicles by 2025! That includes hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and all-electric BEVs.

What new vehicles will we see?

Many of Toyota’s iconic vehicles are available with hybrid counterparts, such as the Highlander Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, Camry Hybrid and now even the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, among others. Toyota has stated that they plan a similar strategy with Battery Electric Vehicles, introducing all-electric versions of some of their most popular vehicles. While they haven’t given specific models, we wouldn’t be surprised if this includes an electric version of the Prius, C-HR, Avalon and more.

This also means we’re likely to see more hybrid models introduced for those models that don’t yet have them. Perhaps a hybrid Sienna model or a hybrid Sequoia. This also seems to lend credence to the rumors of a Tundra Hybrid. We’re sure some of the existing hybrid models will be upgraded to have plug-in trim levels as well. In addition to more all-electric and hybrid vehicles, Toyota has stated that new forms of transportation will be introduced, such as Toyota scooters, two-seaters and the e-Palette.

Potential Toyota Electric Passenger Vehicles Exterior Passenger Side Front Profiles

Alternative Electric Vehicles

We’ll keep an eye on the situation, of course, and be sure to inform you as soon as more concrete details become apparent. The future looks bright… and electric!