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What is Toyota bringing to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020?

As the official vehicle fleet of Tokyo 2020, thanks to Toyota Motor Corporation being a worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the company will be bringing a wide range of technologies, robotics, and all-electric vehicles to the games to enhance their mobility for all initiative. The company is aiming to become the lowest emissions level of any fleet ever used by the Games, reducing its impact on the environment in addition to providing mobility for a wide range of individuals. So, what is Toyota bringing?

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What are the numbers?

Before diving into what types of vehicles the brand is bringing, let’s focus on some numbers. Toyota will be providing roughly 3,700 vehicles and mobility-enhancing products for Tokyo 2020. Nearly 90 percent of that number will consist of electrified vehicles, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electrics, fuel cell electrics and more. Among them, Toyota promises that approximately 500 of the electrified vehicles will be FCEVs while 850 will be BEVs. That marks the largest for both of any previous Olympic or Paralympic Games.

Toyota Tokyo 2020 Mobility Infographic

Which vehicles will be present at the game?

  • Accessible People Mover, ~200 units
    • Designed to aid special mobility needs travel between venues
  • Mirai, ~500 units
    • Utilized as transportation for staff between official venues
  • e-Palette (Tokyo 2020 Version), ~12 units
    • Autonomous vehicle supporting staff and athletes on a continuous loop within the Olympic and Paralympic Villages
  • Concept-i (Tokyo 2020 Version), ~2 units
    • Will be utilized as the operative vehicle of the torch relay and the lead vehicle in the marathon, as well as for test drives during MEGAWEB
  • Walking Area BEVs, ~300 units
    • Standing personal mobility device for use by security and medical staff at official venues
    • Toyota is also experimenting with sitting and wheelchair-link versions of this device

Accessible People Mover APM Exterior Driver Side

Toyota Mirai Exterior Driver Side

e-Palette Toyko 2020 Version Exterior Driver Side and Interior

Concept-i Toyko 2020 Version Exterior Driver Side and Interior

Walking Area BEVs Examples

As you can see, Toyota has a lot of big and incredible plans, which we cannot wait to see unfold. We’ll be covering plenty of Olympic and Paralympic Games topics, so be sure to check back often for more info & news.