When Will the Toyota Supra Return to the Racetrack?

Ever since Toyota announced the revival of the Supra, racing fanatics have been anxiously awaiting its return to the racetrack. This month, we found out the latest iteration of the legendary car is set to make its debut at Daytona on February 16, 2019, when it joins the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from the new Toyota Supra and its return to racing.

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New Toyota Supra Entering NASCAR Xfinity Series

Together with TRD (Toyota Racing Development) and Calty Design Research, Toyota has developed a Supra designed for competing in NASCAR races. Since Toyota vehicles are already made to be exciting, this feat is much easier to accomplish. In fact, racing-tuned Toyota models have been known to match the look and feel of their on-road counterparts. Take the 2018 Toyota Camry, for example. Not only does the NASCAR Camry resemble the Camry model we see out on the road, but it has also achieved much success in the racing arena.



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What to Expect from the New Toyota Supra

Toyota, TRD, and Calty began working on the NASCAR Supra model back in 2017, so we can be assured its development was thorough and careful as to provide a top-notch racer. It can produce over 700 horsepower and emit the iconic roar that is expected from a powerhouse like the Supra. Professional drivers are already jumping at the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Toyota Supra.

“Supra is an iconic cool car, and to have it racing in NASCAR to highlight Supra’s return speaks to how important this is. I’m hoping to be the first guy to get Supra to victory lane, but I’m sure there are a few other Toyota drivers thinking the same thing.”

– Kyle Busch, winner of the 2009 NXS championship in a Camry

Stay tuned for additional details about the Toyota Supra Xfinity Series Race Car, which we will continue to provide right here on our blog!