2018 Toyota Supra GR Exterior Front Fascia and Drivers Side Concrete Background

Possible Revival of Toyota Supra?

New 2018 Toyota GR Supra Race Car 

We’ve waited in anticipation for the unveiling of Toyota’s most iconic car—and now we have it. The new 2018 Toyota GR Supra race car was revealed at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show on March 6th. Could this mean Toyota will possibly revive the Toyota Supra as a production model? 

At the very least, we can rest assured that Toyota didn’t forget the Supra, and they are still dedicated to creating more, even if it is just for the race track.  

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Design and Technology 

The striking design of the Toyota GR Supra gives a modern spin on the old design while keeping true with the familiar Supra that fans will remember, including the rear wing panel. This new model, however, sits a bit lower to the ground and has carbon fiber lining the doors. 

There is no doubt that this is a racing car, with only one seat in the vehicle, and the rest of the space filled with various components and equipment, such as a paddle-shift system, racing dashboard, and Brembo Racing calipers and discs to make the Supra GR a daunting opponent on the race track. 

The GR meets all safety requirements for competitive racing, including a driver’s harness, fire extinguishers, and a roll cage. 

2018 Toyota Supra GR Exterior Back Fascia and Drivers Side Wheel

2018 Toyota Supra GR Interior Racing Wheel

2018 Toyota Supra GR Exterior Drivers Side Wheel

2018 Toyota Supra GR Interior Dash and Drivers Seat

Future Models 

Could there be a future generation for this beloved car? This powerful revival of the Supra gives hope to all fans that there may be more models coming, and not just for the race track. At this point, we’ll hang tight and see what Toyota comes out with next. 

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