2018 Toyota Prius c Release Date_o

2018 Toyota Prius c Release Date

In case you weren’t aware, the Toyota Prius family is split into more than just trim levels. There are actually four different Prius models, each of which is split into its own trim levels. For the 2018 model year, the Toyota Prius c is getting a pretty exciting update, and we thought we’d fill you in on what’s new ahead of its fast-approaching release date.

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“Prius is the world’s most recognized name for advanced and efficient motoring, and the Prius c combines Toyota’s proven hybrid technology with a small footprint to produce a nimble compact hatch, perfect for life in a modern city. For 2018, we’ve made Prius c even more stylish and safe – giving [customers] even more reasons to welcome this forward-thinking hybrid into their lives.”

– Cyril Dimitris, Toyota Executive

What’s new in the Prius c?

The most noticeable changes come to the exterior, which you can see as soon as you set eyes on it. Both the front and rear fascia styles have been enhanced quite a bit, most notably featuring redesigned headlights and taillamps.

If you pop open the door and peer inside, you’ll notice even more aesthetically pleasing updates. Many different aspects of the interior have been upgraded, including the instrument panel which sports a completely new design – as do the air conditioning controls and even the steering wheel.

Finally, as with just about every vehicle every year lately it seems, the Prius c will offer superior safety. Namely, every trim level will come with a standard backup camera, and many trims will feature great safety features like blind spot detection and a suite of airbags.

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2018 Toyota Prius c Interior Cabin Dashboard_o

If you think you’ll be interested in the all-new 2018 Toyota Prius c when it becomes available later this year be sure to let us know!