Do We Have Good Deals On Black Friday? Better Than You Would Expect

Can You Really Find Great Car Deals During Black Friday?


It’s here again…

 Arlington Toyota Black Friday

Black Friday!


Running, trampling and strategic shopping make this a crazy day!


We all know that most major retailers are offering some excellent deals on things like TVs, appliances, building goods, and really just about anything you can think of.


But what about new cars?


Sure, plenty of dealerships advertise seemingly amazing events.


But can the average person really get a great deal?


We’re going to answer that question for you by letting you know what happens here, at Arlington Toyota, during Black Friday.


  1. An Enjoyable Experience


When you think of Black Friday, thoughts of calm and serenity are typically not what come to mind.


Usually we think of news outlets broadcasting human stampedes – shoppers clamouring over one another clawing for those last gifts.




You’re not going to find that atmosphere here.


What you will find are friendly, warm faces.


Arlington Toyota will be an island for you on Black Friday. We will be a place where you can escape the chaos and be with friends.


If we’re working on getting you a new car, we will answer all of your questions, take you for an extended test drive and assist you through every part of the process.


Whether you buy a car or not, we will make sure you enjoy your experience.


We are open at 7:00am and we’ll be ready to help.


  1. Our Prices On Black Friday Are…


Now we’re getting to the good stuff.


So are there really deals to be had on Black Friday that can’t be had the rest of the year?


Well, take a look…


Here’s is what we’re offering at Arlington Toyota:



  • Outstanding Tire Discounts –

    Tires are being offered at $1.00 OVER COST! No joke… This an amazing opportunity to get some of the highest quality tires nearly at cost. They also come with 24 month road hazard protection!

  • ½ OFF On Wheel Alignments –

    One of the most important services for keeping the tires and structural components of your vehicle functioning properly. The price is cut in half!

  • $750 In ADDITIONAL Bonus Cash –

    Right now, Toyota is offering rebates and incentives on certain models. On Black Friday, we are giving an additional $750 over and above the existing offers. YOU WILL SAVE MORE ON BLACK FRIDAY!



So there you have it…


It’s not everyday we offer tires nearly at cost, half price on wheel alignments and discounts on cars that go beyond the current offers.


Not only will we brighten your day and make you smile, but we will give you discounts on new vehicles and service that you simply won’t get on other days during the year.


We hope to see you on Black Friday!