Arlington Toyota teams up with local high school to help students transition post-graduation

Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire offers a very specialized program that provides post high school services to students that require help transitioning beyond high school. This program offers significant career and post high school support as well as communication, socialization and life skills development. Skills are developed with significant adult support through individualized instruction and strategies such as career skill development, practice and support. Arlington Toyota is honored to be part of this important transition in these young lives by being part of the program’s career skill development.

Jeremy Gober is a young student who attends Stevenson High School and is now in their transition program to learn life skills and obtain career development and support. Jeremy aspires to be an automotive technician and so Arlington Toyota has teamed up with the program to offer Jeremy a safe and constructive learning environment two days a week. Jeremy so far has learned how to rotate tires and break down brakes to recycle, as well as many other important vehicle maintenance jobs!

Arlington Toyota is dedicated in serving their local communities and is honored to be a part of such an important time in these young student’s lives.